Monday Working on Life 7:00pm 6797 Laurel Ave. (Rd. 236) The Shak O/CH/D

​Wednesday No Matter What 7:00pm 6797 Laurel Ave. (Rd. 236) The Shak O/CH/T

Friday Stepping Into Solutions 7:00pm (1hr) 1929 E. Bardsley Rm C-1 (Church of Nazarene) O/D/WC 

Saturday Girl Talk 9:00am 6797 Laurel Ave (Rd. 236/ The Shak) W/CH/D/WC

Saturday Friends of Jimmy K. 9:00am 1820 Gem Street M/CH/D/WC
                                                  Meeting ID: 322-458-500; Passcode: ktasc

Sunday Questions and Answers 11:00am (1hr) 400 East Tulare Avenue (Zumwalt Park) O/T
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Tulare Meetings
All meetings 1-1/2 hours unless otherwise stated
Facilities that allow Narcotics Anonymous meetings to be held may be listed (in parentheses). 
This is not meant to imply any affiliation between these facilities and Narcotics Anonymous.
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M: Men Only           
NO AC: No Attendance Cards Signed 
O: Open Meeting, All Are Welcome
S: Speaker Meeting
WC: Wheel Chair Accessible
W: Women Only                     
BS: Book Study 
C: Closed Meeting
CH: Chip Meeting
D: Discussion
GL: Gay/Lesbian
T: Topic
ST: Steps & Traditions
Zoom Meetings are listed in Blue
Hybrid Meetings are listed in Green
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