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All meetings are 1-1/2 hours unless otherwise stated
M: Men Only           
NO AC: No Attendance Cards Signed 
O: Open Meeting, All Are Welcome
S: Speaker Meeting
WC: Wheel Chair Accessible
W: Women Only                     
BS: Book Study 
C: Closed Meeting
CH: Chip Meeting
D: Discussion
GL: Gay/Lesbian
T: Topic
ST: Steps & Traditions
Zoom Meetings are listed in Blue
Hybrid Meetings are listed in Green

Hanford We Do Recover 12:00pm (1hr) Meeting ID: 322-458-500; Passcode: ktasc __O/D

Woodlake New Creations 7:00pm (1hr) 600 W. Naranjo Blvd. 
                                      (Presbyterian Church, in the basement) O/D

Exeter Ask It Basket 7:00pm (1hr) 200 South 'E' Street (Presbyterian Church) O/T/CH/WC

Hanford Men Keepin' It Real 7:00pm (1hr) 505 North Reddington Street (United Methodist) C/M/CH/D/WC 

Tulare Working on Life 7:00pm 1929 East Bardsley O/CH/D


Badger Badger Group of NA 6:30pm (1hr) 50151 Whitaker Forest Rd, Badger O/WC/CH/D
                         Meeting ID: 322-458-500; Passcode: ktasc                

Visalia Stepping with Traditions 7:00pm 1415 W. Center, Visalia (St Paul's) C/B/ST

Hanford Come As You Are 7:00pm 505 North Redington Street (United Methodist) O/CH/D/WC


Hanford Clean & Easy 7:00pm (1hr) 505 N. Redington St., Hanford (United Methodist) O/WC

Visalia ​Keep It Basic 7:15pm 1311 W. Murray St. (Alano Club) O/CH/Milestone
                                        (Only meets 1st Wednesday of each month)


Three Rivers NA Cave Dwellers 6:30pm (1hr) 43410 Sierra Drive, Rm C-1 O/D/WC
​                                           Meeting ID: 322-458-500; Passcode: ktasc
                                           First Thursday of month Basic Text Book Study meeting

Exeter Serenity Circle 7:00pm (1hr) 200 S. 'E' Street (Presbyterian Church) O/BS/WC

Hanford Thursday Night Out 7:00pm (1hr) 505 North Reddington Street (United Methodist) O/D/WC/CH

Tulare Principles Before Personalities 7:00pm 1929 East Bardsley (Church of the Nazarene) O/D/WC/CH
            (Birthdays celebrated on 1st Thursday of each month)


Hanford We Do Recover 12:00pm (1hr) 505 North Redington (United Methodist) O/D/WC 
                                            Meeting ID: 322-458-500; Passcode: ktasc

Visalia ​Keep It Basic 6:00pm 1311 W. Murray St. (Alano Club) O/BS/CH/WC

Exeter Five Minute Group 6:30pm (1hr) 200 South 'E' Street (Presbyterian Church) O/CH/WC


​Tulare Girl Talk 9:00am 1820 Gem Street (Tulare Community Church) W/CH/D/WC

Tulare Friends of Jimmy K. 9:00am 1820 Gem Street (Tulare Community Church) M/CH/D/WC
                                        For those who can't join the in-person venue:
                                        Meeting ID: 322-458-500; Passcode: ktasc
                                        (Birthdays celebrated first Saturday of following month)
                                                 (Chips are only given on birthday meetings)      

Lemoore Why Are We Here 10:00am (1hr) 15981 W Hanford Armona Rd (Lemoore Alano Club) O/BS
                                        Basic Text Book Study

Exeter NA Mix 5:00pm (1hr) 200 South 'E' Street (Presbyterian Church) O/D/WC
​                                      Park on North Side and enter through gate.

Visalia Hope, Freedom, and Recovery 6:30pm 3830 West Tulare Avenue (Christ Lutheran) O/CH/D/WC
                                    Birthdays celebrated last meeting of each month.


Visalia ​Keep It Basic 10:00am 1311 W. Murray St. (Alano Club) O/CH/T/WC/S
                                    3rd Sunday of each month - BYOB Speaker Meeting
                                    (Bring Your Own Breakfast)

Visalia Our Common Welfare 11:00am (1hr) 1731 West Walnut W/C/D/WC
                                    Once a month on the last Sunday of the month 
                                   Retreat Meeting directly following 

Visalia Mensday Night Stag 11:00am (1hr) 1731 West Walnut (upstairs) M/C/D/WC 
                                    Once a month on the last Sunday of the month 
                                   Retreat Meeting directly following 
                                    Meeting ID: 322-458-500; Passcode: ktasc     

Visalia Charity Hearts 5:30pm 1311 West Murray (Alano Club) O/CH/D/WC

Facilities that allow Narcotics Anonymous meetings to be held may be listed (in parentheses). This is not meant to imply any affiliation between these facilities and Narcotics Anonymous.
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